Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beauty on Bourbon Street

First night in New Orleans, so we had to go down to Bourbon Street of course! The moment we turned the corner off Canal onto Bourbon there was a street brass band that burst into play, but first starting up the crowd by shouting the famous 'Who Dat' song for the Saints. Everyone around was dancing and yelling. Even though it was not the super bowl, it really was how they say..the energy was intense and I've never seen a bond of strangers like that before. As we walked on we saw the mixture of colors, not only in the people but the many neon signs and unique New Orlean buildings too. Passing each stand, store, bar, and restaurant you could hear different songs and types of music. It was intensely stimulating to the ears and eyes, that's for sure.

Then we all went to the Royal Sonesta Hotel to watch the burlesque show at the Irving Mayfields Jazz Playhouse. I have never been to one of these types of show, but I heard how much fun it is too watch and listen to, so I was looking forward to accompanying Niky Czech as she shot for her project. I was without a doubt not disappointed! They had five different girls who did a few routines each, and a band that played on stage behind them. It was so much fun to shout and interact with the dancers. It was not like a strip club though. It was much more classy and more about entertainment, the girls dance skills and ability to work the crowd. Even the singer was interacting with the crowd. Each one of the dancers took their turns, dancing to different jazz songs, and each time in a new costume. The outfits were beautiful and some even extremely detailed and had feathered fans to match. These girls really know how to work a crowd and I absolutely would recommend checking out this specific place if you haven't yet, or on your next trip to NOLA. Check out Niky Czech's photos too!

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